Today, we visited the Twinings museum and we had the chance to interview one of its tea taster's whose invited us to a tea tasting ! 


Twinings is the oldest tea company in the world. It has been created by Thomas Twining in 1706. He was fascinated by the possibilities tea trade offered. Tea has been introduced in England in 1662 by Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II. Thomas went to learn trade in the East India Company which imported many exotic new products in England. After that, he bought Tom’s coffee house on London’s Strand to develop his famous tea business. In 1837, HM Queen Victoria makes Twinings an official Royal Warrant holder. Today this address is the most popular tea shop in London, where you can buy and taste Twinings’ teas but it is also a museum dedicated to Twinings family.


Difference between white, green and black tea ?


Same herb, 6 different kind of tea : white (natural drying), yellow, green, black (very long oxidation and drying process) , oolong, post fermented tea. All is about tea process from the collect to sale. 


Is tea healthy ?


Yes, it is. Each tea vertu depends on mix and type of tea use for. For example, white tea contains lot of antioxidant which is good for skin… For ten years consumers are much more interested in herbal benefits. 


How is it transported ?


By boat, in containers. Everything is done on the plantation and tea is just commercialized in England.


What about fairtrade ?


English people are very concerned by fairtrade when they choose their tea for 1970s. However they give less attention to organic tea than fairtrade ones.


Which kind of tea drink British people ?


Essentially black tea ! Darjeeling or Earl Grey.


Why they put milk on tea ?


Originally, it is to avoid porcelain to be broken. Now it is a tradition to drink tea with milk. English people often put milk on their tea and sometimes sugar.


Do young people are interested about tea ?


People between 18 and 35 years old are more and more interested by traditional tea wway of drink, they often buy loose tea than tea bags. 


Do young people prefer coffee than tea (Starbucks, Costa coffee…) ?


Every people have tea at home and know how to make tea because they need anything else than hot water. So they prefer buy coffee already done in Starbucks coffee because they haven’t to buy a coffee machine, and they can easily bring coffee outside… But at home it is a tradition to make tea. Tea is really associated to family and home notion. Some tea stores are opening in London such as T2 Tea…


Do English people drink tea when they are hurt ?


Yes, they take a cup of tea when they are hurt, they have an emotional shock or when someone die because it is comforting and they remember family, home… 


Do English people prefer tea with or without fruit tastes ?


English people drink tea without specially taste. New tastes are made for international market or youngest people. 


Could bags be dangerous for health ?


No, paper of tea bags is made with banana fibers because there is not taste. 


Why create pyramid tea bags ?


It permits to well diffuse tea and also there are more tastes on it. This is the perfect quantity of tea in a pyramid bag. 


Do people drink tea from abroad ?


Because of people are able to travel, they are more inclined to drink tea from other countries… Tea mainly comes from China and India, Twinings just begins to import tea from Japan !   


How do you know all things about tea ?


Twinings sellers received a three months training to start working and we have frequently additional trainings along we work.