England & Tea Love Story

After 3 weeks in England, we though that it was the time to explain the origins of the love Story between England and the Tea.


Since the 17th century, Europe started to import its first tea boxes from Asia with two main companies :  The Dutch West India Company and The British East India Company. 


In 1662, Charles II married Catherine de Braganza of Portugal. The Queen introduced the tea at the English Court. Her union with the King provided the British monopoly of the tea trade in the world with the control of the Portuguese colonies. 


From then, the tea became the most appreciated beverage in England (in front of beer !) for the whole population even if it was expensive. 


Black tea overtook Green tea in popularity in 1720's when sugar and milk were added to tea. Between 1720 and 1750 the imports of tea to Britain through the British East India Company rose more than quadrupled.


Then England knew how to make of this beverage a real lifestyle. A few men seem to have contributed on this : the Bruce brothers, whose developed the tea plant. Robert Fortune, who discovered the "Flower tea". Thomas Lipton, opened the first tea counter in London. And Thomas Twining, known to be the inventor of the tea bag and the official supplier of HM The Queen Victoria. 


With the Tea trade, the England porcelain manufactury began in 1745


Nowadays, it is still possible to observe habits to have a cup of tea. The first of the day, there is the "Early Morning Tea" (the strongest of the day) with their copious breakfast. Next, the British people take the "Eleven Tea". At 6 pm, they enjoy the "Afternoon Tea". And the last one of the day after dinner, they take an infusion


Now, we hope that this article has you to light on why British are very found of Tea.