Today, we went in Camden Town to see the Stables Market with the hope of meeting a Tea Shop. And we found "In-Fusion".


This little brand based in Camden sell tea and coffee. We interviewed its manager.


What kind of tea do you sell here ?


We sell any kind of tea, but much more Black Tea and Green tea. 


What is your speciality ? 


We are specialized in mixed Tea. It's a touristic place here in Camden so we adapt ourselves to the demand. We sell tea mixed with fruits, flowers, caramel, chocolate etc.. And it's the same for our coffee. 


Where your teas come from ?


Actually, we import the black tea from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya and we import the green one from Japan and China. 


Are your teas come already mixed ? 


No, the teas are just imported here in Camden, and with our employees we mixed it directly here. So we sell a kind of handmade teas.


Why the choice of loose tea ?


One of the reason, is because tea bags are really expensive, and the investment on a machine would be too much important for our little society. But, it is also a  selling point. People are appealed by the loose teas or coffee because it is now the trend. 


Do some customers demand for tea bags ?


There is some. But not a lot.


What kind of customers buy tea in your shop ?


There is a lot of tourists because of our localisation. But, we have 3 shops in Camden which are destined for others clientele. One is specialized in mixed teas and coffees, another  proposes more traditional "English teas" and the third one is likely the same as the first one. 


Is there young people buy tea in your shops ?


The clientele is almost 30 years old. But, we don't really know if it is for their own consumption or if it is for a gift. It is for these customers that we doing mixed teas with different flavors. They wanted to taste something different that they already know. 


After we thanked him for his contribution in our Cap Anglophone and bought some teas for our consumption, he said : Can I take a picture of you ? You are the clients of the day ! Amused by the situation we took place for the picture.