Griezmann's maté

As you already know: France won the FIFA World Cup! 


Being in Paris for this great event was so FAN-TAS-TIC !! A high heady reaction, a strange exhilaration has flooded the city for several days in which we were "at the top of the world"! 


Claire and I want to take the opportunity to inform you about the Magic Potion of our guys in Russia: the MATÉ!


The indigenous people from Brazil and Paraguay are used to drink yerba maté since the dawn of time. European people heard about it for the first time after the Spanish' Conquest in the 16th century. "El Maté" was known to make people feel good and dispersing the "brain fog". 


Today Maté is well known to be the national drink in Argentina where it's the second most consumed drink after water! Argentinian football players are also fond of it including Lionel Messi !


This kind of infusion is also cultivated in India for its use in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia to curate troubles of head, fatigue, nervous breakdown and the rheumatic pains.


The name "maté" comes from the Spanish word for "canteen", an allusion to the small gourd in which they serve the drink in South America. It's generally served with a metallic drinking straw provided with a filter at the base. This tool avoids swallowing the powder of dried sheets which rest at the bottom of the small gourd. Into this infusion, it could be ad lime juice, sugar or milk. 


Yerba Maté plays a part in the world of sport since the arrival of South American players in Europe. The benefits of the drink and its stimulating effects have won over the best players. Antoine drinks mate for breakfast, in the afternoon and always before the training for energy. And after 30 blood tests and 20 doping controls, he never gets positive to stimulants because of yerba mate. It's all good and healthy.


Hope that the Maté can also give you wings ;)