Café Pouchkine

Created for the first  time in 1999 in Moscow, the Café Pouchkine is named after the well-known Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. 

But the first idea of a coffee called Pouchkine appeared in a song " Nathalie " by the French singer Gilbert Bécaud in 1964. 


People says their hot chocolate is the best of Moscow so we had to try it !


The Café Pouchkine in Paris is located Place de la Madeleine and decorated in a typical Russian style. We had an afternoon tea there and it was amazing. Of course, the hot chocolate is delicious but we ordered also a Russian Oolong tea.


First, the salty dishes were homemade blinis, some with salmon and others with cucumber. Then they serve Madeleine with a creme of truffle, it could seem weird like this but it's simply divine. Finally, there are two kinds of piroshki, a Russian specialty. It is basically an individual puff pastry with various fillings inside such as meat and vegetables, there were served with a salad. 


 Sweets were constitute of a range of macaroons and two individual pastries. We chose canneberge, white peach, grand cru chocolate and cherry verbena as the macaroons' flavors. We tried their Pavlova, a meringue filled with fruits and whipped cream named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. They have created a dessert filled with bergamot mousse, poppy jelly, strawberry and raspberry compote and strawberry cream. All of these was contained in a white chocolate matryoshka doll, that's a master piece ! 


So if you want to enjoy a Russian culinary experience, you know where to go !