Bubble Tea

Since our arrival we saw a lot of shops which are selling "Bubble Tea". It seems to be a young tea consumption trend but we did not have the courage to taste it. However, we did it for our survey, it's a part of the British tea culture, isn't it ?


Well, the Bubble Tea comes from Taïwan and has known under various names : Zenzou, Boba Tea or Bubble Tea.


It's a mix of ice green or black tea with fruits flavors in which  tapioca pearls are added. According to tastes, it can be add some milk. 


The specificity of this kind of tea is the bottom of the glass covered by the tapioca pearls. "Chewy" and slightly sweet, it give to the ice tea a particular taste.


Actually, we taste it (without milk) and the result was surprising. The mix with ice tea and fruits is quite good,  but the texture of ice tapioca pearls had not the expected effect. 


But, we encourage you to taste this kind of drink, it's still tea ;)