Paris · 16/08/2018
The original idea of creating the Great Mosque of Paris appeared in 1849 but the beginning of the construction is dated back to 1922. The first blow of pickaxe was done by Muslim people in the presence of eminent French figures and others from Maghreb, Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Persia and Afghanistan. At this time, Islam was the other great religion in the French empire. This symbolic act was going to concretize the gratitude of France for the 70.000 Muslims who came from colonies and...
Paris · 12/08/2018
Created for the first time in 1999 in Moscow, the Café Pouchkine is named after the well-known Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. But the first idea of a coffee called Pouchkine appeared in a song " Nathalie " by the French singer Gilbert Bécaud in 1964. People says their hot chocolate is the best of Moscow so we had to try it ! The Café Pouchkine in Paris is located Place de la Madeleine and decorated in a typical Russian style. We had an afternoon tea there and it was amazing. Of course, the...
Paris · 06/08/2018
As you already know: France won the FIFA World Cup! Being in Paris for this great event was so FAN-TAS-TIC !! A high heady reaction, a strange exhilaration has flooded the city for several days in which we were "at the top of the world"! Claire and I want to take the opportunity to inform you about the Magic Potion of our guys in Russia: the MATÉ! The indigenous people from Brazil and Paraguay are used to drink yerba maté since the dawn of time. European people heard about it for the first...
Paris · 20/07/2018
Paris · 05/07/2018
Welcome to Paris ! After 2 years of many others adventures separately, Claire and Mathilde find themselves together in the French Capital ! National Day, Fifa World Cup, Montmartre, Eiffel Tower, the Louvres, Versailles... as many reasons to go out, have fun and drink tea. We invite you to join us in our new discoveries