Tea bags 

We discovered than that the history of tea bags is closed to the Tetley's history.


The concept of tea bags came originally from tea merchants who send out their sample in silk bags.


In 1920's, an US textile brand wanted to commercialize the product made of cotton gauze and stitched. But, tea bags were in limited use, partly because of the effort involved to made the bag.  


In 1930's, a new matter for tea bags arrived in the US market : paper. In 1940, tea bag was well established in USA but unknown in England. At this point, Tetley, Ironside Tetley-Jones was impressed by the success of his US installation and wanted to introduce tea bags on the other side of the Atlantic. 


Then war and rationing became the daily paper of British people and the tea bags was introduced into the market in 1952. A collaboration between tetley and a tea bag tissue manufacturer cured the problem and tea bags grew in popularity ! Tetley became one of the market leader in UK.


In 1989, the Tetley round tea bag, this particular tea bag was suited to the growing   habit of drinking tea in mugs.


Most recently, Tetley introduce the drip less tea bag into the UK market. Now called, Easy Squeeze, is a two stringed tag-bag in which the perforated tags is hung over the handle of the mug. The two halves of the tag are separated, pulled apart and the strings squeeze the contents, strengthening the brew and making disposal easy. 


We hope that you understand better the importance of a good tea bag and that you learn something about Tetley. Thank's to Tata Global Beverage for its contribution to this article.