Where the British Tea comes from ?

Britain is a huge tea consumer but where does the tea comes from ? We went to the East India Company to have some responses and we mix them with our own knowledge to make this article. 


  • India

Very important in the tea trade with UK because of its colonial past. Nation of the famous Darjeeling, Assan, Ceylon and  Earl Grey, India is the black tea's country, the most drunk in Britain.


  • China

There is a huge exportation to Britain due to the old commercial links between the two nations. China is the country of Green Tea and mixed-tea with flowers such as jasmine. The country produces also different kinds of tea : Black, Oolong, White, Yellow and Pu-erh tea. It's the biggest tea producing nation of the whole world. 


  • Sri Lanka

Due to the colonial past, Sri Lanka has also a specific trade link with Britain. Sri Lanka is known for its black tea stronger than the indian one, which makes it more appreciated by the British population.


  • Kenya

There is also a British colonial past in Kenya which developed the tea production in the country and started to export it. The country provides cheaper tea than India or China for black and green teas. For the record, Lipton imports its tea from Kenya. 


We hope this article was clear enough to make you understand the provenance of the tea in Britain and the different issues of the tea trade :)