The Madd Hatter's Café

Such a lovely place in Soho ! The Madd Hatter's Café provides a refreshing touch of imagination.  It's a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of tea with some pastries. 


With more than a touch of Alice in the Wonderland inspiration, this place offers 2 different Afternoon Tea which are a savory mix of canapés, sweet treats and specialist teas.


We had almost :  

  • 5 different kind of canapés (Nut with salmon, Tarama, Basil and more)
  •  2 meringue with chocolate
  • Some macarons
  •  2 big slides of cake
  • At the top,  slides of cookies and brownies.


The café is also renamed because of its drinks. The signature Tey Latte® by MASSIS tea is a drink unavailable anywhere else in the world. It's like a "Teappucino" which you can add syrups like hazelnut or Ginger. Really nice tea experience !  It provides also different kinds of tea : dark, green, white, oolong and yellow. A good place to taste them all ! 


The Madd Hatter's Café with affordable prices is supplied by Fortnum & Mason and awarded the 'Food and Drink Innovation of the Year' by MasterChef Professionals Winner  for unique styles of tea and lavish cakes. 


It is a place to be in London